Black Cherry Pie

(Black Cherry Soda x 501st OG) bred by In-House Genetics

Aroma: The very first scent that hits you is sugary pie crust immediately followed by tart cherries, a subtle creamy note, and then that classic mouth-watering tart gasoline finish that pays homage to the legendary Cherry Pie. 

Effects: This strain is a heavy hitter even in lower doses and within minutes you’ll notice cottonmouth. Its most remarkable characteristic is the psychedelic effect you will experience- most comparable to lucid dreaming. All paired with a tingling body high. 

Distinguishing Notes: After handling the buds and packing a bowl, your fingertips will be left with a scent of cherries and kumquats. The effects are enjoyably intense and long lasting, consume this strain in a setting where you’ll be happy and comfortable for a while.

Dominant Terpenes:  b-Ocimene  |  Myrcene  |  b-Caryophyllene  |  Linalool  |  Nerolidol


Black Cherry Punch

(Purple Punch x Black Cherry Pie) bred by In-House Genetics

Aroma: Berry forward, grape candy, bottle cap candy mouth-watering deliciousness. 

Effects: Light and airy in standard doses- a gentle floating feeling that is accompanied by mood elevation and a cozy tingling feeling in the body. When consumed in higher doses, this strain hits you with the stoney couch-lock effects, making it great for watching a movie or binge-watching a series. 

Distinguishing Notes: The taste when smoked highlights cola and a fizzy sensation, and the bag appeal is top notch.

Dominant Terpenes:  b-Ocimene  |  Myrcene  |  a-Pinene  |  b-Caryophyllene  |  Linalool


Crystal Cookies

(Platinum GSC x Animal Cookies) bred by In-House Genetics

Aroma: Hashy, maple, pepper, and savory breakfast notes.

Effects: A balance of cerebral excitation and mood elevation coupled with a grounded relaxation in the body. Discomfort is numbed, but the mind remains active allowing for relaxed socialization and productivity. Crystal Cookies opens up creative flow making it a great tool for artists. Heightened lucidity and sense of presence which makes it a lovely option for 1 on 1 conversation, or in a small group. 

Distinguishing Notes: The glistening trichome coverage of this strain will grab your attention from across any room, in any crowd. Consuming this variety can provide analgesic action, so for those experiencing pain- we recommend giving this a try.

Dominant Terpenes:  b-Ocimene  |  p-Cymene  |  a-Pinene  |  b-Caryophyllene  |  Nerolidol


Glazed Apricot Gelato

(Gelato x Legend Orange Apricot) bred by Compound Genetics

Aroma: Bright citrus notes with a pervasive floral sweetness, and subtle lemon-lime candy undertones. 

Effects: Light euphoric lift. Immediately enters into silly, playful territory upon consumption and transitions gently to relaxation with heightened presence. Dampens sense of ego, making room for heightened empathy and gratitude. A versatile variety good for socializing, a leisurely activity of choice, doing household chores with music blasting, and self-reflection time. 

Distinguishing Notes: Zinging citrus taste – bright, sweet, tart. Flavor pleasantly remains on your palate throughout the experience. All you need is one session with the Glazed Apricot Gelato to experience why this strain took First Place for Best Indoor Flower at Cowboy Cup 2020!

Dominant Terpenes:  Terpinolene  |  Myrcene  |  b-Ocimene  |  b-Caryophyllene  |  a-Pinene 


Golden Lemons

(Kosher Kush JG cut x Lemon Skunk) bred by DNA Genetics

Aroma: Sharp and bold lemonhead overtones, with classic old school cannabis undertones. 

Effects: Potent stony high, very cerebrally oriented effects, hazy sensation behind the eyes. This classic strain can make you feel giggly and dumb making it perfect for leisurely outdoor activities as well as alleviating stress that you may be carrying from your work day.

Distinguishing Notes: Best used for being outdoors with minimal responsibility (hiking, fishing, camping), catching a comedy show, or while at home watching TV and/or socializing with a loved one. 

Dominant Terpenes:  Terpinolene  |  Cymene  |  Myrcene  |  b-Ocimene  |  a-Pinene


Mendo Breath

(OGKB x Mendo Montage) bred by Gage Green Genetics

Aroma: Hashy, peppery funk, woody with a subtle tinge of sugar cookies underneath. 

Effects: Deliciously encapsulating with a stoniness that expands the mind and allows for connection of constellation thought spirals. Because of the cerebral stimulation, it is not sleepy though it can transition into sedative energy towards the end of the experience. Effective against pain and abdominal discomfort. Great combatant against stress as it alleviates tension in your back muscles. 

Distinguishing Notes: Visual appeal is Mendo Breath’s hook. Dense buds with warm-toned, deep ultraviolet coloration entirely engulfed in diamond-like glistening trichomes. This strain has effects similar to 2 glasses of wine, making it perfect for even relaxation and conversation with a love interest.

Dominant Terpenes:  Myrcene  |  b-Caryophyllene  |  b-Ocimene  |  Nerolidol  |  Linalool



(Purple Punch x Clementine) bred by Symbiotic Genetics

Aroma: This variety really does smell like a mimosa – it has a sharp and sweet satsuma oranges nose with a slightly sour undertone. The citrusy scent stays on your fingers long after handling a Mimosa plant or bud.

Effects: A noticeably uplifting effect, however, it has a hazy stony onset for the first hour before the fog dissipates and you enter a phase of heightened energy and playfulness. 

Distinguishing Notes: Notably dense bud with a very light complexion due mostly to its heavy trichome coverage.

Dominant Terpenes:  Myrcene  |  b-Ocimene  |  Cymene  |  a-Pinene  |  b-Caryophyllene


Mint Chocolate Chip

(Mystery Cookies x Green Ribbon) bred by Exotic Genetix

Aroma: Immediately you’ll notice the quintessential savory spice nose akin to most cookies strains. Just beneath the peppery overtones you’ll discover a subtle sweetness reminiscent of freshly baked sugar cookie, then the juicy center explodes with the classic OG oil slick funk.

Effects: The Mint packs quite the punch. We recommend this one to the psychonauts of Oklahoma, and patients who require heavier doses to alleviate their ails. As we’re all hunkering down for winter, the Mint Chocolate Chip will be your vessel for a 2-hour adventure hand-in-hand with your imagination. 

Distinguishing Notes: In tandem with the mind-centric effects, the MCC’s expressively diverse terpenes allow a high potential for analgesic action and alleviating digestive issues. You can feel its presence in your gut as well as the center of your head.

Dominant Terpenes:  b-Ocimene  |  Myrcene  |  b-Caryophyllene  |  a-Pinene  |  Linalool


Monkey Berries

(Strawberries & Cream x Grease Monkey) bred by Exotic Genetix

Aroma: When you squeeze a nug of the Monkey Berries and get your nose all up in there, the smell will resemble a lemonhead that has been dropped in some rubber cement. 

Effects: The high is lucid and functional in low to normal doses. This strain has an ability to lift your spirits, so if you find your mood wavering at all, a hit or two of Monkey Berries will give you the elevating nudge you need.

Distinguishing Notes: This strain churns out a remarkably high terpene percentage, making this strain’s therapeutic potential as exemplary as its bag appeal.

Dominant Terpenes:  Limonene | Myrcene | b-Ocimene | b-Caryophyllene | b-Pinene

Poison Fruit

(OOKB x Purple Punch) bred by In-House Genetics

Aroma: Bright citrus overtones with subtle creamy undertones similar to an Orange Julius. Overall very “loud” smell.

Effects: A powerful high that creeps up on you. Higher doses can be incapacitating! Good for restless overachievers. Smaller doses are conducive for walks and doing monotonous tasks like cleaning/organizing. 

Distinguishing Notes: The smell of this variety is its finest attribute. The look has more of a traditional “weed” look regarding trichome coverage with light greens and orange buds and it packs an unsuspecting punch.

Dominant Terpenes:  Myrcene  |  Nerolidol  |  a-Pinene  |  b-Caryophyllene  |  Camphene

Triple Chocolate Chip

(Mint Chocolate Chip x Triple OG) bred by Exotic Genetix

Aroma: Sharp and pungent oil slick/diesel top notes emanate in all directions from the buds, with that classic cookies-esque savory/spice undertone which certifies her lineage. If you walk into a public place with an 8th of this on your person, you will likely receive some raised eyebrows, and perhaps some scowls depending on where you are.

Effects: The effects of the Triple Chocolate Chip have a tidal nature. There will be phases of lucidity which ebb into flows of gooey cookie dough-like bodily relaxation where your train of thought veers to chase adventurous views along the more scenic route before arriving at its intended destination. This strain is a good choice for folks with sore muscles looking for some relief; and although your brain isn’t technically a muscle, the TCC can certainly help alleviate tensions in your mind. 

Distinguishing Notes: These flowers remain true to their namesake. They have a gorgeous chocolatey coloration, and the nugs are nearly as dense as a toll house chocolate chip. The well-balanced and unique expression of terpenes makes it a pretty versatile variety conducive to doing or doing nothing, show-going or show-watching, forest-bathing or bath-taking, and so on. 

Dominant Terpenes:  b-Caryophyllene  |  b-Ocimene  |  Myrcene  |  Linalool  |  a-Pinene


White Mac

(The White x MAC1) bred by Swamp Boys Seeds

Aroma: Pinesol-esque chemicals and a tart key lime pie wallop to the face. 2 sniffs of one of these nugs will make your mouth water.

Effects: This variety showcases the epitome of euphoric weed. The presence of the high resonates delightfully throughout your limbs, and rather than right behind your eyes you feel it more in the back of your head behind your ears. This strain provides a certain whimsical functionality conducive to light conversation and/or sight-seeing i.e. exploring an art museum or a park.

Distinguishing Notes: Its parent strain The White effectively passes along the trademark glistening, heavy coating of resin glands with a diamond-like allure. Whereas the MAC provides the appealing autumnal coloration and mouth-watering smell, assuring their progeny checks all the boxes. These flowers are full and dense but the calyxes have a proper squish making this strain very pleasing to break open with your fingers. 

Dominant Terpenes:  Terpinolene | Myrcene | Limonene | b-Ocimene | b-Pinene

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