Faces of Resonant: Meet the Team behind the Grow

At Resonant, we know the importance of a strong team. Without each and every one of our team members, we would not be able to produce and deliver our high quality cannabis in Oklahoma. Therefore, we feel it’s about time we introduce the people behind the scenes who make our company and your plant medicine exemplary.



Owner, Chief Executive Officer, and head decision maker of the Resonant crew 

Risk taker, and all around go-getter, Reid is an invaluable leader of the team. Whether he’s empowering team members, spearheading sales, or strategizing for the future, Reid gives his all to everything he does. He is delighted to work with such a dedicated group of people and is honored to bring Oklahoma patients the highest quality cannabis. All while working on Resonant, Reid also owns and operates his successful local wholesale steel business. 



Owner, Chief Financial Officer, and Resonant facilitator 

However challenging it may be at times, Joe maintains much needed order and keeps the team organized. Joe keeps his finger on the pulse of the Oklahoma cannabis market and keeps the team updated with new regulations, policies, and procedures. A master of excel and spreadsheets, Joe implements the infrastructure that allows the Resonant team to succeed. 



Owner, Chief Operations Officer, and Resonant’s head grower 

Thomas is the backbone of our operation. With prior cultivation experience in California, he’s taken that knowledge and continues to build on it in order to keep Resonant at the forefront of the Oklahoma medical market. He knows what it takes to grow quality, organic cannabis with living soil and he reinforces that in every step of the process. Under Thomas’ care and supervision, no details are neglected in the production. As he once put it, “We’re growing soil, so the soil can grow the plants. We’re soil growers.” In addition to his roles at Resonant, Thomas is also part owner/manager of Tio’s, a local Mexican restaurant with a long history in Pauls Valley.



Owner, Chief Compliance Officer, and IPM Sensei 

Matt has been an integral part of Resonant’s success from the moment of its conception. He works alongside his brother, Thomas, growing and caring for the plants to make sure the living soil has all of the right components to produce superior organic cannabis. Matt is proud to help bring positive awareness and expand the perception of medical cannabis for Oklahomans. Matt really values the solid relationships among his business partners and describes Resonant in three words: teamwork, execution, and planning. In addition to Resonant, Matt is also part owner/manager of Tio’s. 



Resonant Facility Manager

Chris is proud to be Resonant’s very first employee. No matter what job or project he’s working on, Chris takes his work very seriously. He is responsible for the care and cleanliness of our space, inside and out, and always keeps the facility in pristine condition. While business is top priority, the relationships at Resonant are what keep Chris going. Although Chris has known the owners for years, he’s enjoyed deepening those relationships and finding a place where he really fits. Outside of Resonant, you might catch Chris floating the Washita River in his kayak or artifact hunting along the banks of Rush Creek. 



Resonant Marketing & Content Manager 

Ladye was originally brought on to take photos of the plants, but after hanging around to help trim the first harvest, she quickly became a permanent part of the team. Now she’s responsible for all of Resonant’s marketing content and feels it is a dream come true to work in this new industry with a supportive and mission-driven team. Her favorite part of working for Resonant is the positive, and encouraging community culture. Whether she’s behind her camera or helping around the facility, Ladye always brings positive energy with a hustle attitude to the mix. When she’s not working at the facility you can catch Ladye editing photos over a hot cup of tea at Red Cup, thrifting, or adventuring with her kids.


Dusty (Duke)

Resonant Right Hand Man and part of the production management team 

Duke brings a great attitude, as well as a reliability to our operation. Whether it’s cloning and caring for the plants, or coaching trimmers on how to achieve a quality product, he’s committed to producing high quality plant medicine at all stages of the process. Finishing the interior of the facility has been his favorite part of the project thus far, and his proudest moment was when he weighed out his first legal pound. Duke continues to enjoy working with the team to produce high quality medicine for Oklahoma patients. You can be sure to find Duke around the facility generating positive vibes with his subtle humor. 


Matt Fox

Resonant Hype Man and part of the production management team 

Affectionately known as Fox, he loves being a part of a crew that truly feels like family, all while bringing the best organically grown cannabis to Oklahoma patients. Fox’s proudest moment with Resonant so far was being a part of the first harvest. When Fox is not delivering orders or filling the trim room with the sounds of Phish and Grateful Dead, he’s probably around the facility somewhere telling stories about Hillberry, or taking the boat out on Lake Murray. 



Resonant Garden Gnome 

From clone to harvest, Gunnar takes excellent care of the plants that eventually become your medicine. Since Gunnar first came on board he’s thrown himself into learning every in and out of cannabis cultivation. His favorite part of working at Resonant is caring for the plants in their early stages of life. Gunnar is truly a standup guy. He has a conscientious work ethic, all while embodying a laid back energy that is perfect for our plant babies. When Gunnar is not in the facility, you can be sure to find him practicing his already stellar guitar and vocal skills. 



Resonant Trimmer

Primarily a trimmer at Resonant, Brett wears many hats depending on the work that needs to get done. Whether he’s working in the veg room or the trim room Brett always gives his all. A natural creative, he loves to learn and especially enjoys the cloning process. Brett aims to add value to the industry by always bringing integrity to the table. His favorite part of working for Resonant is the overall good vibe, which he contributes to with his sense of humor. When he’s not at the facility, Brett enjoys drawing and other creative pursuits.



Resonant Trimmer 

While his work is primarily in the trim room, Francisco is no stranger to the garden. In fact, transplanting and harvest are two of Francisco’s favorite processes at Resonant. Francisco gets along with everyone and despite seeming shy at first, always chimes in at the most opportune moments with humorous remarks. Franny, as he is affectionately known among staff, rarely misses work even while he finishes up his undergraduate degree. We admire Francisco’s commitment to the team, and appreciate his positive energy. When asked about his favorite aspect of working at Resonant, his response was “The atmosphere is amazing! All the workers here are always in a good mood.”



Resonant Trimmer

Gonzalo has earned the very official title, “Beast”, as he consistently sets records for output in the trim room. Gonzalo truly kills it every time he comes to work, and sets a high bar for the trim team. He was originally drawn to Resonant out of curiosity and a desire to learn more about the Oklahoma cannabis market and has since found a family here. Gonzalo always maintains a good attitude and brings his best to the trim room no matter what. He’s proud to contribute to a company that is truly leaving a positive mark on Oklahoma. When Gonzalo is not working, he studies his other passion: animal medicine.



Resonant Trimmer 

A self-described simple man, Darren enjoys the art of trimming and learning new processes in the garden. Trimming his first pound was one of his proudest moments thus far. Although Darren is a man of few words, he has a heart of gold and a conscientious work ethic that make him a valuable member of the Resonant family. When Darren is not at the facility, he manages the campgrounds for both Longmire and the old Pauls Valley city lakes. He also enjoys outdoor cooking, fishing, and photography.



Resonant Trimmer and Order Fulfillment Team 

Katy is a hard worker who strives to give her best whether she’s trimming, working in the garden, or fulfilling orders. Since joining the Resonant team, Katy has learned so much and her perspective on medical cannabis has expanded greatly. Katy enjoys the experience of learning about this new industry and is excited for what’s ahead for Resonant. When Katy is not working she enjoys playing with her young boys and hanging out with her sister Ladye, who is also part of the Resonant team.



Resonant Trimmer and Order Fulfillment Team 

Nichole has the sort of bright personality that automatically makes you feel welcome. Whether she’s trimming or fulfilling orders, Nichole is a team player and is happy to lend a hand in every step of the process. She particularly enjoys transplant and harvest, and seeing the product through to sale. Always smiling, Nichole enjoys coming to work and giving her best because she “knows we are helping to make a difference” for Oklahoma patients by providing them with clean, quality herbal medicine. Outside of work, Nichole enjoys photography, reading, and watching her kids play sports.

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